We met while waiting tables at Red Lobster, as most love stories start - I'm sure.  Both of us had a graduated college with a bachelor's degree, but were unsure as to where to go after that, now looking back it is obvious that the Lord was preparing His great plan.
     Bethany had just transferred to the Red Lobster in West Palm Beach, FL from Sioux Falls, SD.  She walked into the kitchen to introduce herself to her new co-workers.  Wearing a name tag that said Bethel, she walked up to Paul and said, "Hi, my name is Bethany.  I'm a transfer from South Dakota."
     After inquiring why the name tag says something different, she explained to him about it being a nickname from the other Red Lobster, Paul asked, "What do you want me to call you?"
     "You can call me whatever you want."
     With a clever little smile Paul responded, "Can I call you tonight?"

     And thus the journey began.

     Two years later, we were joined by our family and friends as we made our vow to love and serve each other in hopes that through our marriage many will hear and see the gospel.

Feel free to watch a glimpse into this day, as made by the talented Kelly Lacy: