From Paul:
            Thank you for taking your time to take a gander at this page, because this page is the most important one. Prayer is much needed in every aspect of this move from the States to Ayiti. I would greatly appreciate it if you would pray that my relationship with God will be my top priority. Second is my relationship as a husband, pray that I love my wife 3 million times more.  If I do those two things without fault, then everything else will be a breeze. The other few things of preparation you can keep in your prayers is: brushing up on my French, finishing up the school year strong at Plato, and taking care of all our to-do list before we move. Thank you again, please know that you are much appreciate it. 

From Bethany:
            In this time of preparation, please pray that I am proactive in getting things accomplished that need to be done before leaving.  I have a tendency toward procrastination and our day of departure is closer than I probably want to admit while looking at my “to do” list.  Pray a guard against any unrealistic expectations or possible glorifications.  Having never been to Haiti myself, I feel it is important not to fabricate what life will be like there.  And finally, please pray that God’s plan and calling is above my own, that I don’t forget that this move is for the glory of God, and not my own.  May His plan be continually before us.  Thank you for your prayers!