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Tiona giving Dr. Fedna a taste of her own medicine (mmmhmm...get it?!)

Nuggets in glasses.

Classroom preppin'

This is what happens when you have a meeting in Port-au-Prince and leave the kids with
Chelsea and Isaac!

Showing the lady who sold us the land the new medical clinic.  Fruits of labor.

Taking our newbies on a hike.  Drinking coconuts mid-hike might as well be IV caffeine!
(Krista front, Marissa next to her, and Paige way in the back)

Lots of early morning flights for this family... and, I (Bethany), am the most disheveled of us all.

Missionary family snapshots.

Car ride to Cayes = zzzzzzzzzzzz. Can't get enough of car-ride-cuddles.

JAK Academy prepping the 2018-2018 school year.

Gertrude (orphanage mom) getting SO ready for school to start.

Grann's love.  Enough said.

Mountains. Moments. Memories.

Occasionally the church asks this stud-muffin to preach.

Missionary-family aunts and uncles are the best!

I was blessed to be the Maid-of-Honor in this beauty's wedding.  Rose Daffline has been faithfully coming to my Vendrefi Bible Study from the start.  We had a great time.

When in Port-au-Prince... you get a haircut.

Our orphanage family coming over to play.

Sometimes you find treasures not too far from home - Saut Mathurine Waterfall

Beach visits are a must.

Vision testing at the Lines school.  Makes my ophthalmic heart so happy.

Let's all take a little Lieuna time...

Mangos are a very serious relationship.

Haiti Flag Day Celebrations 2018 & 2017.

Sometimes, you have crazy friends come down to Haiti and make a Valentine's Day "Hot Tub" out of old aquaponic tanks.

 ...I mean, just because, right?

 Homes are not to be taken for-granted.  Definitely learned this lesson even deeper with Hurricane Matthew in early October.

 Our good looking and crazy crew that makes up our Mission-Haiti orphanage

 Orphanage Mamma and Mitchie

 Haitian Christmas, Y'all!

 Did we dress up like crazy-pantses and go caroling through the village?  Yes.  Was it one of the best times we've had in Haiti yet?  Yes!

 A comfy chair and a cold glass of water = all you need

 How we roll.

 Shopping in Les Cayes.  'Cause we get sick of our same skirts and tank-tops, you know?

 My mom and dad came down for a visit.  And got to meet their sponsor students as well.  Here they are in Naïka's home.

 We may have taken off for a tiny get away.  Enjoying family time when we can.

 Hillside memories

 Haiti.  In a picture.

 Our good friends, Adam and Gretchen, continuing to grow relationships they made years ago

 Lucy (oldest of our orphanage kids) snapping selfies with Tiona


 Sometimes we get to go out to eat in Les Cayes.  And we love it.

 And sometimes we cook at home.  And very rarely is a meal photo worthy, but this one was: lasagna with real cottage cheese and ground beef!  A super rare treat!

 Yeah, it's pretty here

 Cuddle times on days we don't have teams

 The best way to get around

 Very first Vendrefi Girls' Bible Study

 Our little star

 Constant giggles

 What once was

Breaking out in laughter during sponsorship photos.  And I'm so grateful she did.

Older Photos

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